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Men Ball Water Polo Colors
Men Ball Water Polo Colors

Men Ball Water Polo Colors

Réference : 98160/0108

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Ball Water Polo embellished by FINA (Federation of International Amateur Swimming), LEN (European Swimming League) and FFN (French Swimming Federation). Diameter of 69 centimeters. Weight of 420 grams. Valve to inflate the balloon. Inflates like a balloon classic. The Ball Water Polo Turbo Man Blue and Yellow can be used in official match in meetings and Masculine Senior 15 +. It can be used in other classes or by women in training conditions. Complies with the regulations of the (LEN European Swimming League) and FINA (Federation of International Amateur Swimming). Turbo logo in the center of the ball. Suitable for playing in the water. This ball is not made ​​to play on another field that in the water (grass, asphalt, floor ...). Do not bounce on the ground.