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Tactical board
Tactical board 

Tactical board

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Available under 48 hours

 Tactic board as cover Royal Blue and Turbo logo on his face first, representing two fields play water polo (1 with full court and one half with field work in front of goal) according to the rules FINA with areas 2 and 5 meters bounded by areas of color (yellow and pink).

The locations of the linesmen and the scorer's table are indicated.

1 side is the ground in its entirety and the other side of the plate is half a pitch.

Plastic protects the land on which it is possible to write with a pen.

Comes with felt (and eraser at the end of it) it can hang in the middle of the board through a slot.

Do not wet the felt or write to a wet location.

Felt is magnetic and can be placed on the board tactics.

Also comes with magnetic pieces representing the players (2 * 13 white, 2 * 13 and 1 blue and 13 red) with the numbers above. A fastener is reinforced on the inside in order to hang sheets or documents.

Dimension: 36 x 23 cm

In case of loss of tokens, they can not be replaced.