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Short Microfiber Royal blue
Pair of shorts microfiber royal blue

Short Microfiber Royal blue

Réference : 39005/0006

21,50 € TURBO

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Available under 48 hours

100% Polyester Microfiber Short. Adapted perfectly for poll sides (internal or external) for coaches and / or athletes, especially during competitions.

Ideal for professionals who work in the pool as the MNS (Lifeguard Lifeguard-).

Sweeter than classic short Turbo, the soft friction allow to wear the short all the day long. White lining inside for optimum ventilation. Cord around the waist.

Elastic around the waist, which keeps the short in place. 2 open side ventilated pockets . Zipped ventilated pocket on the right back. Suitable for men and women. Turbo logo down the shorts on the right leg.

Machine washable. Do not iron. Can be tumble dried. Do not dry with hair dryer. Turbo shorts can be worn daily or traveling.

Size S = 2 = 157 to 165 cm,

Size M = 3 = 166 to 172 cm,

Size L = 4 = 173-179 cm,

Size XL = 5, 180-187 cm,

Size 2XL = 6 = 188 to 195 cm.