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Grenoble Métal Gradient Pink
Smoked goggles of swimming

Grenoble Métal Gradient Pink

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Smoke lens ideal for swimming outdoors and protect his eyes from the sun.

Compose polybicarbonate lenses and a double strap 100% silicone, this pair of  Swimming googles Turbo offers optimum comfort with contour silicone which is around the eye.

UV protection, fog, anti-scratch lenses, adjustable nose bridge, Comfortable to wear, water does not fit into the bezel.

The Goggles Grenoble Turbo reconcile those who do not like the Swedish googles and convince those who appreciate them. Two systems are available for the spreader nose as one classic Swedish Swimming goggles with a string and a silicone ring and one of a string 100% silicone.

These two systems are ideal for all noses. These two systems can adjust a setting for the best comfort level. A protective film is deposited on the lens. Do not forget to remove them before use.

The Goggles Grenoble Turbo allow a perfect hydrodynamics, comfort, excellent sealing and double cord 100% silicone quick and easy adjustment. The Goggles Grenoble Turbo can be worn by all types of swimmers confirmed a child competitor.

When you put them, press lightly on the lens to remove the air inside to avoid any possibility of water to enter the lens. Wash with clean water after use. The Grenoble Turbo Goggles are designed for twice-daily use. Turbo logo on right lens. Anti-fog.

Stop use if an allergic reaction, swelling or irritation in the eye area appears. Use for swimming. Is not recommended for other uses.

To install the attachment of two lenses, just put the cord into the side holes of lenses and put the string into the mounting hole of the nose, make a knot, pull on the blue protection for the nose, adjust the size of your nose and then tie a knot on the other mounting hole in the other eye. Sold in its packaging.


divers’advice fogging: Wash with detergent and rinsed thoroughly with clean water.