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Split Grey
goggles of swimming

Split Grey

Réference : 93037/1100/0008

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Compose polybicarbonate lenses and a double strap 100% silicone, this pair of Swimming Googles Turbo offers optimum comfort with contour silicone which is around the eye. UV protection, fog, anti-scratch lenses. Adjustable at the nose thanks to an ingenious system using the power of 100% silicone to put around the head is held laterally on the glasses and passes along the lens and reaches the level of the nose. This sets to perfection by gently pulling the bead of silicone in one direction or the other. Adjustment system on the double straps that allows easy adjustment to the contour of the head. Comfortable to wear, no water enters the lenses. A protective film is deposited on the lens. Do not forget to remove them before use. The Goggles Split Turbo can be worn by all types of swimmers confirmed to childrens. Ideal for casual swimmers and children. When you put them, press lightly on the lens to remove the air inside to avoid any possibility of water to enter the lenses. Wash with clean water after use. The Split Turbo Goggles are designed for twice-daily use. Turbo logo on right lens and the silicone cord. Anti-fog. Sold in its packaging.


Council divers fogging: Wash with detergent and rinsed thoroughly with clean water.