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Turbo Kick Pull-serving
Turbo Kick Pull-serving

Turbo Kick Pull-serving

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Turbo Kick Pull-serving adapted exercises to the learning, development or preparation of competition. Dimension 30 * 27 * 4 cm. Can be used both as a board and as Swimming-pullbuoy. The Pull-Kick is a mix of 2 and can do the same exercise. This is a 2 in 1 that avoids bringing the pool two technical products which take up space in a bag. Curved at the central portion in order to keep it between his legs. 2 slots each curved side of the board to help maintain. May also be held at arm's length in order to put your head in the water. Typical product to work the legs or arms. Is also used for the learning of respiration. Can be used on front or back. The leg work, can be used to work the legs or arms on 4 strokes (butterfly-Dos-Breaststroke-Crawl). Ideal for competitors (or swimming triathlon). Can be used both as an adult by a child. Turbo logo in the center of each face. Adapted for use in water. DO NOT PROTECTED FROM DROWNING. USE ONLY UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF A ADULT.